Thursday, November 26, 2009

"DENIAL STOPS HERE: From 911 to Peak Oil and Beyond"

I just rewatched this and it was still so powerful. This man, Michael Ruppert, has been in the battle for a long time. The movie, made in 2005, is brutally honest about where we find ourselves as humans living together on planet earth. I believe the most honorable thing we can do is seek and speak the truth. Michael’s integrity and tireless, selfless willingness to share with all of us is most admirable. Thanks for not giving up and extending your hand for all who are trying to figure out where to go from here.
The film ends with what, for me, was a very hopeful message. We are not alone. We are the paradigm shifters. We are the map makers. There is a lot of work to do. There are so many talented, good hearted people in all of our communities. There is huge change ahead. There is going to be a lot more sharing if we are lucky enough to get a go at it. It would be great to think my grandchildren could have the opportunity for a healthy life on planet earth.

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From the Wilderness' Peak Oil Blog
With the arrival of Peak Oil, the curtain has closed on Act 1 of the drama Petroleum Man. What will happen in Act 2? Chekhov said, "If there's a gun on the wall at the beginning of the play, by the end it must go off." In the world's nuclear arsenal are many guns on the wall. If life copies art, will there be an Act 3 in which the players, having learned their lesson the hard way, live sustainably? To explore these and other questions... FTW's Act 2 Blog. Read, comment, take heart! Orkin

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