Monday, November 23, 2009

Hemp and the Rule of Law

This is a great movie documenting the absurdity of our corrupt, insane inhuman drug policy. and hemp isn't even a drug!!!! As i like to say, you could drive up to a high school with a truckload of the stuff and no one would give you a second glance. Hemp could turn out to be one of the most valuable national security crops if we ever take the blinders off. So many useful products could be made from a crop that grows as a weed if left to it's own devices. As we deplete the fossil fuels and other resources of the planet, it would be great to have a top notch fiber to make the things we use to improve our lives. Car bodies could be made out of it (it's that good) and when the car were done we could compost them instead of sending them to the junkyards. we will need this fiber for so many things.

Jim Hightower writes a very insightful history of our folly war on drugs that continues to exact a high price on our society and our fellow citizens.

Hemp and the Rule of Law
A Documentary Film by Kevin Balling
“The best video treatment of this subject to date. Make the most of this video, show it everywhere”. Dave West, Ph.D. Plant Breeder. Director, Hawaii Industrial Hemp Project“It's an incredible DVD! Every member of Congress should see this video. If you watch it and don't think that hemp farming should be legalized then you weren't paying attention. It's so good that I would show it to my grandfather without any reservation.”. Tom Murphy, Vote Hemp“If you're wanting to learn more about the possibilities for industrial hemp in the United States, you could hardly do better than this DVD”. John Roulac, Author of “Hemp Horizons” and owner of Nutiva hemp foodsThe video is beautifully done. An excellent presentation of this important topic. This is a truly fine educational tool”. Gale Glenn, Vice Chair, North American Industrial Hemp Council “A clear and concise synopsis of the history, benefits and future of industrial hemp”. Candi Penn, Executive Director, Hemp Industries Association“Balling blends current events with history, creating a fine example of documentary filmmaking in a brisk 55 minute package” Winston-Salem Journal

Blending history with current events, "Hemp and the Rule of Law" traces the crop’s legendary past in U.S. agriculture and chronicles the politically-charged debate to return the crop to American farmers. Thirty-one countries including Canada, England and the European Union now grow hemp. Although it has no psychoactive potential, hemp shares the same plant family as marijuana (cannabis). The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration makes no distinction between hemp and marijuana, and the United States remains the only industrialized country where farmers are not permitted to grow it. "Hemp and the Rule of Law" addresses renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, national security, the War in Iraq, and examines hemp’s role in achieving a “green” industrial future.

more on this film here

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