Thursday, December 10, 2009

more Michael Ruppert

i have certainly got this date on my calendar for the screening of new work by Michael at the Pickord Film Center.... he continues to be one of my heroes .... answering charges that he is a conspiracy theorist, he says "I don't deal in conspiracy theory, I deal in conspiracy fact."

thank you thank you Michael !

wake up world......and i will continue my quest to meet my neighbors and network for our local community.


Thu. 1/21 TBD
Fri. 1/22 TBD
Sat. 1/23 TBD
82 minutes • 2009 • USA • In English • Unrated

Official Website

Reviewed by Owen Gleiberman, EW:

You'd be hard-pressed to find a movie that channels the anxieties of our time with the power and terror of the documentary Collapse. For 82 riveting minutes, Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles cop who became a rogue investigative reporter and author, sits in what looks like a brick bunker and talks about where he thinks the United States is now headed. It's not a pretty picture, but it is not a naive one either. The grippingly articulate Ruppert is like Noam Chomsky as a wry pundit of doom. In 2006, he predicted the current economic crisis, and his startlingly detailed foresight seizes your attention. So you'd better believe that you're sitting up and listening when he starts to talk about ''peak oil”…A-

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