Saturday, September 5, 2009

must see...end mountaintop removal NOW !!

i just recieved my copy of this powerful collection from Christians for the Mountains. the people of the Appalachian Mountains need us all to help stop the destruction of their home. i have ordered extra copies i hope to put copies in the hands of my Christian friends so, hopefully, we can all stand up and save this 2nd most diverse forest on planet earth and home to some amazing folks. the legacy of this beautiful place and the wisdom of the people of these mountains is priceless.
wake up america!!

Christians for the Mountains presents

The Mountain Mourning Collection
produced by B. J. Gudmundsson

Portraits of the Human Spirit featuring Traditional Appalachian Music
Includes “Mountain Mourning,” “Look What They’ve Done,”
and “Keeper of the Mountains.” View Previews

In the Southern Appalachian Mountains, a coal-mining process known as Mountaintop Removal is devastating God’s creation. And global warming is being accelerated by Mountaintop Removal. Demand for electricity overshadows weak environmental laws. Coal industry profits outweigh quality of life. As our oldest mountaintops vanish, the people are left behind. Having paid the highest price – they are abandoned in what is called “the sacrifice zone.” These are their stories.

Christians for the Mountains is a non-profit, grass-roots organization that encourages the preservation of God’s Earth and its human communities. We call upon Christians, church communities and people of conscience to join us in advocating for personal responsibilities and public policies that conserve the use of earth’s resources and address abusive coal extraction processes.

“The Mountain Mourning Collection” is a powerful viewing experience. For those who are familiar with mountaintop removal these films evoke strong emotions while being affirming and hope inspiring.

“Mountain Mourning” is the feature film of the collection. It gives an overview of the basics of mountaintop removal within the context of the Appalachian culture.

“Look What They’ve Done” and “Keeper of the Mountains” included on the DVD, are stories told by persons directly affected by mountaintop removal mining. Mountaintop removal is not an abstraction. It adversely affects the lives of real human beings. These films capture Maria Gunnoe’s and Larry Gibson’s love of mountains and mountain folk and also their pain and anguish over the devastation of the land and its people. These films should break a heart of stone.

Also on this DVD
“A Call to Action” which is a short message from Christians for the Mountains co-founder, Bob Marshall.

“Bringing Down the Mountains” excerpts. The film is a project by Pennsylvania high school students that can inspire young people to engage pressing issues of our time in order to make a positive difference for their future.

Christians for the Mountains provides more information about their efforts to stop mountaintop removal as well as a Viewing Guide and “5 Ways You Can Make a Big Difference” on their website:

info on DVD here

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