Saturday, September 5, 2009

THE CATS OF MIRIKITANI....all thumbs up!

i love this film...took it to the sister retreat and it was loved there too....and my sister who will not be seeing Dear Zachary (too much kleenex) stayed awake and survived this poignant human story....i will see this one again many times.....

Lost in painful memories, eighty-year-old Japanese American artist Jimmy Mirikitani lived on the streets of Manhattan, resisting any human connection or assistance and obsessively pursuing his art. Among his lovely, lyrical drawings of cats could be found darker, angrier images that revealed a troubled past. In early 2001 film artist Linda Hattendorf noticed Jimmy and his work, and slowly a tentative friendship emerged that would change both of their lives. When 9/11 engulfed Soho in toxic smoke, Hattendorf took Jimmy in to live with her, and an extraordinary journey began which gradually gave the artist the courage to confront his past in the World War II internment camps and embrace a new life. This is a story of remarkable compassion, courage and transformation that unveils the wounds of war at the same time it celebrates the power of human connection and healing. Winning over 20 Festival awards, including Tribeca, this jewel of a film is storytelling at its very best.

check out trailer at Ironweed Films here

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