Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rethink Afghanistan

I just saw the film Rethink Afghanistan with a small group of other humans. There is absolutely nothing to be accomplished there with more military engagement. I am unclear what our military occupation has ever been about. Only a humanitarian mission could improve anything for the humans in Afghanistan. I guess you could make a case for an international law enforcement mission if it was the instigator of 911 you wanted. Hard to make that case in light of the fact that Osama was offered and our government refused him.

We should immediately cease funding the military industrial complex. I was horrified at the inhumanity we are visiting on the humans in this part of the world. Only when begin to show concern for the humans who live where earth’s natural resources and the routes to bring them to us are located, will we give the humans everywhere a chance to continue life on earth. This is the legacy I hope to leave for those who come after. If we don’t learn how to life within our means no one, including our children and grandchildren, will enjoy life on earth. Considering that we are 4% of the world’s population, using 25% of the planet’s resources, we have an opportunity to really make a difference.

If we stop using earth’s dwindling resources to fight over earth’s dwindling resources and build infrastructure we can pass on the legacy of a good life on earth. The humans in Afghanistan want the same things as we do. They love their families just like we do. The images in this movie are heartbreaking. And the fact that my tax money is funding this congressional military industrial complex adventure is abhorrent.

thank you, Rebekah, our Bellingham Code Pink , for showing this film.

sign to demand civilian solutions for Afghanistan here

I include this 10 minute segment from the film that addresses the plight of women in Afghanistan. If you watched corporate media during our occupation you would believe the myth that freedom is on the march and women are enjoying their lives as never before.

Bombs will kill women in Afghanistan
Posted by robertgreenwald on July 8th, 2009
Self immolation is a method of suicide by lighting oneself on fire. According to the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, self immolation has never been such an epidemic in Afghanistan as it is today. This is one fact that leads people to the sobering reality that our efforts in Afghanistan have done nothing for the vast majority of women there.

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